Winners from H.O.T. Cyclists 100K

100K top finishers averaged 22.3 MPH and 60K top finishers averaged 17.2 MPH, despite some hill climbs along the route.

Top finishers in each category are as follows:


100K: 1st – Shaun Baldwin, Denver, CO, 2:41:03; 2nd – Arnaud Sillis, Austin, TX, 2:41:04; 3rd – Dr. Scot Morris, Brownwood, TX, 2:41:05.


60K: 1st – Dr. Pennissi Taylor, Brownwood, TX, 2:09:38; 2nd – Eddie Lord, May, TX, 2:09:39; 3rd – Vincent Ornelas, Brownwood, TX, 2:09:40.


35K: 1st – Kristin Tamminga, Brownwood, TX, 1:12:00; 2nd – Steve Ludwick, Brownwood, TX, 1:17:45; 3rd – Christy Ludwick, Brownwood, TX, 1:18:26.


KOM: Shaun Baldwin , Denver, CO.


QOM: Margarita Radysh, May, TX.

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