Staying in the saddle this winter

cycling-winterLiving in Texas has many benefits: no state income tax, no grocery tax, beaches, plains, mountains… But the best part about living in Texas, at least the southern and central portions, is the climate.  Rarely does our part of the state see much ice or snow during the winter months.  Chilly? Yes. But bearable for most cyclists.

Staying in the saddle has a few different options.  You’ve got the gym, an indoor trainer, and just bracing the cold and getting it done.  Personally, I’m opting for door number three.

Apparel is a key player here.  You don’t want to dress too warmly, and you don’t want to freeze either.  Be sure to choose cycling kits that breathe yet can keep your body temperature from dropping too much.  Remember how quickly your body warms up when riding.

Don’t forget, too, in the cooler temps to hydrate.  Cooler temps can fool you into thinking that you need less water, but the opposite is more likely.  In cooler temps the air can be drier and you can be more likely to lose fluids before you realize it.  So, be sure to hydrate well on every ride.  Your muscles will thank you and your body temperature will regulate better.

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