Regular ride schedules return March 13

The regular weekly ride schedule for HOT Cyclists will start on March 13, with Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 8 am.  The Tuesday ride will typically be longer than the Wednesday ride.

Family rideRide captains will be posting in the Facebook group if there are any special adjustments.

As temperatures get warmer and the evenings get lighter, we will be out there a lot more.  So, a few reminders:

  1. Get your bike checked out / tuned up. Lynn down at the Bike Peddler can help you.
  2. Be sure to inflate your tires properly and check your brakes and chain before each ride.
  3. Bring a repair kit on each ride.
  4. Bring plenty of fluids to drink.
  5. Always wear a helmet, and if you can, have a “blinky” light on the rear for additional safety.
  6. Always ride with traffic, not against it, and obey all traffic signs and lights.

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